Tapp Technologies

Since 2005 Dyrand has been looking after both Vancouver and Napa offices. When Dyrand took over management, we had an in-house IT guy who had built up a very complex network with many old servers purchased from e-Bay. This caused a considerable amount of downtime and overall issues. Once Dyrand got in and started cleaning it up, they reduced the infrastructure and complexity and minimized the downtime and problems. Dyrand provide us with full services; from managing the complete infrastructure to desktop support and with the CIO level planning. Dyrand has recently started working with our internal IT staff to implement proper policies and procedures to further improve procedures such as new hires, etc.

Brian Sharpe, VP Finance


Flexibility was the key to success to working with Dyrand. Working together since 2004, they managed our entire IT setup. Dyrand enabled us to be scalable once our business was purchased. Once it was purchased, Dyrand was able to scale down the level of infrastructure since the company that bought us had their own structured setup. Keeping Dyrand after the business was purchased was the best move we could make. An IT partnership like this, kept our business running smoothly, enabling responsiveness and concrete service levels. Dyrand’s technicians are adept at quickly identifying the right candidate technically and functionally. We have also found the technicians and staff to be flexible, easy to work with and understanding of our business constraints.

Aleksandra Borisova, Regional Controller


We started dealing with Dyrand in 2005, with having them manage the back end infrastructure; network and servers.

Due to their diligence, technical knowledge, work ethic, and convenience, we decided in 2008 to outsource the remainder of our IT work to them. This included all of our desktop, and laptop support.

They installed a highly sophisticated framework which has helped streamline our business, reduce downtime and IT related issues. I am pleased to report that we have not regretted our decision, we have been very pleased with this support, advice and help with planning for future needs; and dealing with other vendors and suppliers.

Dyrand’s staff has always gone out of their way for us, even when we had issues with a new ERP system installation, that Dyrand didn’t even manage for us. They came through when we most needed help. Responsiveness is something that is rated very highly in our industry, and a business practice that is emphasized by Dyrand, which is another thing very much appreciated both by us and our clients, and knowing that Dyrand is there to help.

Michael Glass

Automotive Retailers Association

We’ve been a client since early 2011. Before Dyrand, we had a guy that came by every now and then, things were continuously going wrong with no ability to be proactive with technical issues. Dyrand has brought a more proactive approach to IT and has been able to get things under control. Dyrand has also outlined the necessary requirements based on our business needs, implemented an automatic backup and Disaster Recovery solution that helps to eliminate risks with our data and systems. We have already had to perform restores from this system and each time it’s been very painless and takes very little time to get back up and running again.

Michael van Dijk, Controller


Dyrand has managed all of Benefic’s IT since 2005. It’s now 2012 which means we’re even more reliant on well functioning technology systems to operate our core business. Dyrand’s attention to customer service and universal monitoring keeps our confidence and technology up and our stress levels down. Recently, they migrated our systems to their Datacenter which makes changing or upgrading hardware and software way less expensive and disruptive than it used to be. That Dyrand has proven its commitment to continuously improving its systems, service, and processes is one reason why Dyrand now manages the IT platforms of another one of my businesses.

John Bromley, Owner

WestPark Parking Services

Dyrand has been managing our IT network & infrastructure since 2010 and it has been smooth sailing ever since. With offices in two Provinces, our needs are always met regardless of the time of day or time zone. Our industry relies heavily on customer service; Dyrand’s ability to effectively and quickly manage all of our IT issues gives us a competitive advantage in the marketplace. There is no bureaucracy or politics; we open a ticket and one of Dyrand’s extremely capable staff members resolves our issue – and with a smile! Great people, great culture, great company. Thank you, Dyrand.

Gerry Marchiafava, VP Finance and Controller


...and end unnecessary costs, delays and downtimes – for good!


...and end unnecessary costs, delays and downtimes – for good!