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Using Exchange 2010? Read This

If your business is still using Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 for email, it’s time to reconsider your options (before it’s too late, and your business suffers). Microsoft is ending support [...]

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So You’ve Finally Decided It’s Time For An ERP Solution

Maybe you’re reading this because you’ve finally decided it’s time to purchase an ERP solution for your business, but you’re not quite sure what to look for. If that’s the [...]

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Dyrand has been managing our IT network & infrastructure since 2010 and it has been smooth sailing ever since. With offices in two Provinces, our needs are always met [...]



Dyrand has managed all of Benefic’s IT since 2005. It’s now 2012 which means we’re even more reliant on well functioning technology systems to operate our core business. Dyrand’s [...]



We’ve been a client since early 2011. Before Dyrand, we had a guy that came by every now and then, things were continuously going wrong with no ability to [...]



We started dealing with Dyrand in 2005, with having them manage the back end infrastructure; network and servers. Due to their diligence, technical knowledge, work ethic, and convenience, we [...]



Flexibility was the key to success to working with Dyrand. Working together since 2004, they managed our entire IT setup. Dyrand enabled us to be scalable once our business [...]



Since 2005 Dyrand has been looking after both Vancouver and Napa offices. When Dyrand took over management, we had an in-house IT guy who had built up a very [...]


What Do You Know About Business Intelligence?

If you don’t know much about business intelligence (BI), that’s okay. What’s important is you’re open to learning how BI can help grow your business, which means you’re more than [...]

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