ACM Advisors is an employee-owned investment fund manager that specializes
in the creation, structuring, and management of pooled Canadian commercial
mortgage funds.

Their conservative investment approach and our proven ability to assess, mitigate
and price risk has resulted in a 25-year track record of successful performance.

The Challenge

ACM’s on-premise infrastructure was at the end of its life cycle, which also required operating
system upgrades with the looming end of life server products. The Vancouver office housed the
server equipment which also caused issues for the Toronto office as there were bottlenecks with
the connectivity between the sites.

The Solution

While the initial discussions were focused only on the backup and disaster recovery capabilities,
the conversations evolved into providing a solution that included running their entire business in
the cloud. Instead of simply replacing the equipment in the Vancouver location, the decision
was made to implement the systems in the cloud so that they would never have to worry
about replacing the hardware again. And at the same time, eliminate the bottleneck of the
connectivity at both locations.

The requirement of any server hardware at their Vancouver office was eliminated, which also
means remote access to their systems is also much more robust. But at the same time, security
systems were put into place to ensure their data is more secure than it could be when residing
in any of the hardware installed within an office space.

Dyrand’s advanced management and monitoring systems were also implemented to ensure
all systems were operating at peak efficiency and that problems could be found and resolved
as quickly as possible.

The Results

The solution is precisely what ACM needed. The peace of mind knowing the scale of
redundancy, disaster recovery implementation, and the security systems in place exceed what
can be achieved with any on-premise solution. The partners can also rest easy knowing that’s
there’s a team overlooking all of their systems 24X7 so that they can focus on their core business
and enjoy their downtime. The other benefit of the hosted solutions is that they now have the
flexibility to grow their business without having to worry about scaling up their infrastructure,
which can be accomplished with ease inside the data centers. This has proven to be critical
for ACM as they have since added new offices across Canada and the scaling up of systems
during this growth was done with no downtime for their business.