Cyber Security Status Self-Assessment

These questions are an initial step for you to determine your business’s basic status with respect to cyber security. Engage Dyrand’s Security Consultants to perform a professional information security risk assessment that then allows us to implement and assess your security posture against the CIS Controls cybersecurity best practices.

These questions assume that your business:

  • Uses computers for business purposes.

  • Uses mobile computing or communications devices for business purposes.

  • Connects some or all those devices to the Internet for business purposes.

  • May also have an internal network, used to share applications software, peripheral devices (such as printers) and information within your business.

For each question, please click one answer. If you don’t know the answer or are unable to understand the question, then select “Not sure.”

Total up your score by adding together the numbers to the left of your answers. For example, if you answered “Not sure,” then that answer will have a value of zero (0), an answer of “No” would have a value of one (1) and if you answered “Yes,” then the value would be two (2).

Make sure you have your tally before you press the submit button.

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