About Us

Since 2001, Dyrand Systems has provided IT support to companies across Canada – freeing up our clients to focus on the success of their businesses. The fact is, most people only think about IT when something goes wrong. At Dyrand, we’re always thinking about IT and looking for ways to further our goal of working with clients to strategically plan for real returns on technology investments while avoiding costly downtimes.

Dyrand has always maintained the belief that we have to act as the true vCIO for our clients, even when it may cause some short-term pain for Dyrand.  Every recommendation that Dyrand makes for its clients must pass the test that it’s truly what we would do if it were our company.  As a result of this, Dyrand utilizes many of the same tools, infrastructure, and processes as our clients, which also ensures we can always support them as efficiently as possible.  This ensures we are living up to one of our critical values: ‘Focus on long term solutions’ whenever we are helping to develop the IT strategy based on the business requirements of our clients.  Dyrand believes that the business requirements drive the IT strategy, not the other way around, which ensures the solutions that we design have your business priorities taken care of.  While many of our competitors may focus on what’s the best solution for their business, Dyrand focuses on what’s the best solution for our clients’ businesses.

We’re a proudly Canadian IT company and are set-up to provide service from coast to coast. No matter where you are, we’re able to service your IT needs. Dyrand offers BIG-time IT solutions with local, community appeal.

Mission Statement & Values

To give small businesses a competitive edge.

  • Accountable
    Taking responsibility for your actions, stepping up when necessary and can always be
    counted on.

  • Integrity and Trustworthiness
    Having a personal quality of fairness, being honest with strong moral principals, and being
    reliable and dependable.

  • Focus on Long Term Solutions
    Not just the quick fix, but truly focus on the bigger picture.

  • Exceptional Client Experience
    Always focused on ensuring an exceptional experience when providing support.

  • Exceptional Team Player
    Caring more about helping the team than individual success. Always reliable and steps in
    when needed, always.

  • Exceptional Quality of Work
    Always provides the best possible quality of work, we sweat the small stuff!