Expert IT Solutions for Accounting Professionals

Accounting Professionals are entirely dependent on technology throughout the entire firm. No longer is technology an afterthought. IT systems are fully integrated, from email solutions and phone systems, to file sharing and record storage. Today, technology touches every aspect of an accounting department from conversations with peers, submitting reports, and financial information to management.

Dyrand is a provider of managed IT and cloud services to accounting professionals.  We can improve the daily experience of your team and help you maintain an infrastructure that is available when you need it, allowing you to deliver your services to peers or management.

With over 20 years of in-depth understanding of the line of business applications, we know how Information Technology impacts today’s CFO’s, Controllers or other members on the accounting team. We have invested both time and resources to perfect our skills and processes which serve your needs better.

How does the cloud impact accounting firms?

The cloud now allows firms to share records, host applications, and communicate within the organization, suppliers, or clients.

As a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Services Provider, Dyrand makes sure our clients fully leverage cloud computing to their advantage but safely and securely. Anyone can put up a cloud server – but is it secure? We advise our clients on best practice implementations to maximize productivity, deliver security, and maintain compliance requirements.

We offer and deliver unrivalled IT services and expert support to companies like yours across Canada and the United States by constantly watching for potential network hiccups – and by fixing them before our clients even know they exist.

Supported Applications

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