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Our Solutions to Client Technology Challenges


PRA Canada

Company Profile PRA Canada is a professional services firm that provides high-quality internal audit assurance, risk management, and business advisory solutions. PRA Canada’s comprehensive services, industry expertise, and strategic leadership have built trust with clients for over 35 years. Today, financial institutions, government agencies, and crown corporations choose PRA Canada as their trusted service provider – all relying on PRA Canada’s exceptional service and expertise. PRA Canada is Canada’s largest independent provider of outsourced and co-sourced internal audit and risk management services. The Challenge PRA Canada originally hired Dyrand to manage the servers in one of their two off-site [...]

Martin Henry

Martin Henry is a full-service Accounting firm that adopts a holistic big-picture view of small and medium-sized businesses' financial landscape to make sure they realize their business goals. Their dedicated team handles everything from strategic tax and succession planning to operational, financial management. The Challenge Martin Henry's on-premise infrastructure was at the end of its lifecycle, which also required operating system upgrades with the looming end of life server products. Additionally, a hardware failure caused a significant outage that caused the partners to think that maybe there was a better way of running their core systems. The Solution After [...]


VELA Wealth

Company Profile VELA Wealth is a boutique life and wealth planning firm dedicated to crafting innovative strategies driven by their clients’ vision of success. VELA is a premium wealth planning firm serving high-net-worth families across Canada. Dedicated to consistently delivering thoughtful, best-in-class solutions for their clients, VELA’s culture is shaped by transparency, quality, and continuous improvement. The Challenge In late 2018, VELA was about to move into a new office and recognized that they needed a phone system that provided greater integration with their Office 365 environment. They also wanted to ensure they had the proper security controls in [...]

Renewal Funds

Renewal Funds is a mission venture capital firm investing in early growth stage companies in Canada and the United States. They add value for entrepreneurs through capital, networks, and expertise. They deliver above-market returns for their partners while catalyzing positive social and environmental change. The Challenge Like many Vancouver firms, Renewal Funds was utilizing a local datacenter operated by their service provider.  However, their growth requirements, as well as the location of the datacenter, were proving to be problematic. They were ready for a more robust, scalable solution. The Solution During meetings and discussions about migrating their data from [...]

ACM Advisors

ACM Advisors is an employee-owned investment fund manager that specializes in the creation, structuring, and management of pooled Canadian commercial mortgage funds. Their conservative investment approach and our proven ability to assess, mitigate and price risk has resulted in a 25-year track record of successful performance. The Challenge ACM’s on-premise infrastructure was at the end of its life cycle, which also required operating system upgrades with the looming end of life server products. The Vancouver office housed the server equipment which also caused issues for the Toronto office as there were bottlenecks with the connectivity between the sites. The [...]

Real Estate & Construction

Arbutus Properties

Arbutus Properties is a small but nimble boutique real estate developer with experience in residential, commercial, resort, and hotel planning and development. Working in Western Canada and the U.S., their focus has been on finding ‘diamonds in the rough’ in overlooked neighborhoods, communities, and cities. They understand the profound and lasting effect that real estate has on families, neighborhoods, and communities. The Challenge Not only did Arbutus’ existing on-site servers make remote access harder, but the lack of redundancy in their systems meant that the prospect of downtime in case of hardware failure or other disaster was a real [...]

Staffing & Recruiting

JRoss Recruiters

JRoss Recruiters is Canada’s leading retail and hospitality recruitment firm. Providing high level recruiting services across Canada for the past ten years, it has evolved into a very successful company with a focus on delivering people who deliver results. Along with JRoss’ transition to success was an IT infrastructure in need of its own, significant transition – to provide reliable, centralized access to IT systems. the Challenge Acquiring a sophisticated, redundant and highly available infrastructure can be a daunting task for even the largest of organizations. While JRoss needed a robust system, they did not want to go through the [...]


Concerto Marketing

Concerto Marketing is the first and only firm in North America to deliver research, strategy, and brand communication services together under one roof, with one outcome in mind – market certainty. Providing research, strategy, and brand services for the past 30 years to leading organizations all over North America, Concerto had already gone through many IT refresh projects and was ready to explore an alternative way of doing IT. The Challenge With a need for refreshed hardware and software, as well as a requirement for a more robust backup and disaster recovery solution, Concerto was concerned about incurring potentially [...]



BC Scrap-IT is a voluntary, early vehicle retirement program that provides incentives to British Columbians who choose to replace higher polluting vehicles with cleaner forms of transportation. When the program started in 2008, a new IT infrastructure was put in place. However, as the program rapidly grew and more and more British Columbians began retiring their old cars as a result, it became evident that certain changes were going to be required. The Challenge Building a completely redundant system wasn’t a project that BC Scrap-IT was prepared to take on. Spending the time, resources and money to build the [...]

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