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Focus on Running Your Business

Whether you’re launching a start-up, building momentum, or looking to take your business to the next level, your time is best spent on initiatives to expand into new markets, acquire new customers, and grow profits. The best way to achieve these business outcomes is through a more effective use of technology.

With so much of your IT budget spent on managing existing systems and software infrastructure, why not leverage the experts at Dyrand Solutions? We provide comprehensive services to secure and optimize your server, firewall, router, Ethernet switch and network. These include: Patch Management, Application & Software Support and NOC Monitoring.

As a Tier 1 provider of Microsoft Hosting services, Dyrand Systems is Canada’s premier private cloud expert. Through our Complete IT service offering, we customize our cloud offerings to be the right fit for each business we serve. Since no two companies operate the same way, we know it’s critical that your business has the right solution to fit your needs – not the solution that fits your service provider.

We will help you:

Case Studies

Supported Applications

and many others, make sure to ask us if we support your current applications.  Most likely we do!

You focus on your business, we focus on your IT.
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