IT Solutions to Improve Your Bottom Line

Today’s accounting professionals are entirely dependent on technology — IT systems are now deeply integrated into the industry, from email solutions and phone systems to file sharing and record storage. Technology touches every aspect of a modern accounting firm.

Dyrand Systems provides managed IT and cloud services to accounting professionals and companies in related industries such as insurance and finance. We provide value by ensuring that our clients don’t need to think about their IT infrastructure.

Dyrand Systems has helped firms just like yours move from the worries of self-managed technology and mismatched, non-integrated systems to systems that are professionally planned, monitored, and controlled, and that provide security, redundancy, collaboration, and efficiency.

We can improve your team’s daily experience and help you maintain an infrastructure that is available when you need it, allowing you to deliver your services consistently and professionally.

We have invested both time and resources to perfect our skills and processes to better serve the unique needs of accounting professionals. Our available expertise includes more than 20 years’ in-depth understanding of accounting line-of-business applications such as CaseWare, Sage, QuickBooks, and Doc-It.

How does the cloud impact accounting firms?

The benefits of cloud computing include potentially reduced costs, increased flexibility, scalability, and predictability, and improved business continuity. For accounting firms, this enables you to share records, host applications, and communicate with others in your organization, suppliers, or clients without worry. All pluses on your balance sheet!

As a Microsoft Direct Bill Partner, Dyrand Systems ensures our clients fully leverage cloud computing to their advantage, but safely and securely. Anyone can put up a cloud server — but is it secure? We advise our clients on best practice implementations to maximize productivity, deliver security, and maintain compliance requirements.

We offer and deliver unrivalled IT services and expert support to companies like yours across Canada and the United States by constantly watching for potential network hiccups – and by fixing them before our clients even know they exist.

Peace of Mind

Our IT solutions deliver support and infrastructure for accounting firms and the professionals who work within them. We understand and have years of experiencing servicing your unique needs, but ultimately, provide value by ensuring that our accounting industry clients never need to worry about their IT infrastructure.

Key Processes

We provide key processes such as change control, configuration management, security roles, access management, reporting, and audits.


If you have in-house IT support, we work with them to fill the gaps in a proactive managed service arrangement. If you have specialized line-of-business applications that require advanced IT skills currently not on your team, we can provide experts who have experience with your industry’s top applications.

Prepared for Audits

Audits from financial institutions, and Sarbanes-Oxley and GDPR compliance can be daunting, but with Dyrand Systems managing your infrastructure requirements, they can be documented and fulfilled much more effectively.


Unlike other IT companies, Dyrand Systems truly cares about the well being of your business. We’re here for the long run, to help you with any issues that may arise now and in the future. The success of your business is vital to the success of Dyrand Systems.