Managed IT Services

With Managed IT Services, Dyrand Systems becomes an extension of your business, acting as your virtual IT department. We ensure your systems are functioning optimally, assess your environment to find ways to improve it, and catch small issues before they become major problems. There are no extra costs when issues arise.

Shift Your Focus from IT Concerns to Your Business

With our Managed IT Services, Dyrand Systems becomes an extension of your business, acting as your virtual IT department. We manage everything about your IT environment from our remote monitoring facility. We handle both the day-to-day problems and the long term planning, so you don’t have to worry about either.

We don’t fix what’s broken; we keep it from breaking in the first place

We ensure your systems are functioning at optimal levels at all times. We’re always assessing your environment to find ways to improve it, and to catch small issues before they become major problems. And as a Dyrand Systems Managed Services client, there are no extra costs when issues do arise. On the contrary — we do our best to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently to ensure they don’t!

We get to know you

We operate on a Pod-based system, which means that your company is assigned to a team of Help Desk members who learn your environment and get to know your staff. When you or any of your employees call for help, in most cases you’ll be speaking with the same people who helped you last week or last month. In the odd case that your Pod technicians are away or unavailable, our other technicians can refer to the extensive documentation we created and maintain for your organization. Your company’s technology is never a mystery to us.

We’ve got your back – and your future!

To ensure your IT meets your needs today AND tomorrow, our account manager meets with you each quarter to make sure we’re aware of anything that could impact your technology. Is your company moving? Are you hiring new staff? Are you ready to retire that server? We review the current state of your technology and make recommendations for the future, ensuring you’re aware of any changes that should be made, so you can solidify your business plans of tomorrow.

24/7/365 Help Desk Support

24/7/365 Help Desk Support

Dyrand Systems provides around-the-clock support for our clients — we’re here when you need us. You can reach us by phone, email, or through our custom developed portal.
Dyrand Systems follows the ITIL framework for its service management processes. Requests are categorized as incident management, problem management, change management, access management, configuration management, password management, license management, or major incident management. Each category is handled differently and according to the Dyrand Systems playbook. We believe in a continual service improvement philosophy: we are always trying to create and maintain value for our clients through better design and operation of services.
Documentation is engrained into the Dyrand Systems culture to ensure that once we onboard a new client, all relevant information is readily available so our technicians can work on issues quickly without having to ask questions. As the client’s systems change, whether through a project or a service request, we have a process to ensure their documentation is updated in real time.
When you contact us for support, in many cases your ticket will be assigned to one of our first-level Help Desk technicians responsible for less complicated tickets and restricted to requests that take less than one hour to resolve. This time limit ensures we always have enough staff to solve simple issues right away. We also have an escalation process, managed in real time, that ensures requests are escalated to more senior technicians, as required.
All requests are monitored by our dispatcher and our VP of Operations, ensuring each ticket gets the attention it deserves.

Server & Data Centre Management

Server & Data Centre Management

Servers are the heart of many companies’ systems, providing access to documents, accounting systems, ERP and CRM systems, etc., and whether in your office or in a data center, are essential to running your business.
Dyrand Systems monitors your servers 24X7 and is alerted when errors occur, so that we can immediately begin investigating and resolve the problem before it becomes a bigger issue. We use a variety of tools to monitor all critical elements of each server; these can be customized to each server and client, depending upon usage and requirements.
As part of our management, we monitor availability, event logs, and key metrics such as disk space, CPU, memory, disk IO, and page files, and are alerted when a certain threshold is met. As well, designated technicians manually review the monitoring systems on a recurring basis to ensure the servers are functioning as required and performing optimally.
We also provide management and monitoring as well as anti-virus protection and monitoring, security updates and patching, and all administration required for file and line of business servers, domain controllers, and servers providing remote desktop gateway, remote desktop services, and windows virtual desktop services.
For physical servers, we manage the hardware asset, and provide complete vendor liaison should we need to involve the manufacturer because of a hardware failure. For virtual servers hosted in Azure, we provide all support, and because we are a Microsoft Direct Bill partner, we have access to Microsoft engineers who are able to assist with any issue.

Desktop Support

Desktop Support

Our desktop support ensures your organization’s workstations are running the way they should. Our friendly support staff are trained to quickly resolve issues so your staff can get back to work. We provide a ‘live’ Help Desk from 5am to 5pm PST. Our support team is broken into Pods, with clients working with the same technicians about 80% of the time. This builds better relationships between our clients and technicians, and provides a more personal touch.
Through our configuration management system, our technicians can view the entire lifespan of any device and a history of relevant issues. They can diagnose the current problem more quickly, as well as track any trends that can be used to provide recommendations about the device.
Our desktop support also includes asset management, license management, automated desktop optimization, anti-virus, patch management, and vendor liaison, with reporting on all of this available to clients in real time through our customer portal.

Network Management

Network Management

Your network is the nerve centre of your business, a vital link between employees, the outside world, and internal systems. Whether in your office or hosted in the cloud, it's essential that it remain fully functioning and highly secure. All threats must be assessed and managed to keep your data safe.
Dyrand Systems manages your network inside and out. From the Internet, remote access, and your local area network, we monitor and manage all systems to ensure everything is operating at peak efficiency. We manage all network devices — physical and virtual — such as firewalls, wireless access points, switches, and your DNS.
We also strictly manage any changes, following a prescribed change control process to ensure we understand the change requested and the reason for the change. We also ensure that it’s been approved by the proper level of technician, and that there’s a backup plan in the event that the change produces adverse effects.


User Management

We manage all rights and permissions for your users, group, and guest accounts in accordance with your defined IT Security policy. This includes removing archived accounts, inactive groups, and calendars, as necessary.


Vendor Liasion

We become the point of contact for all your IT infrastructure vendors and partners, including your Internet Service Provider, any companies providing support for your line of business applications, and of course, Microsoft.


Backup & Disaster Recovery

The key to eliminating the risk of data loss, whether through accidental deletions or an outside attack such as ransomware, is having a proper backup and disaster recovery solution.
Dyrand Systems utilizes Microsoft’s toolset for its backup and disaster recovery solution. For those who still have on premise servers, we supply a BDR appliance that provides backups according to the retention policy required for your organization, plus we also utilize Microsoft’s site recovery tool (ASR), enabling us to spin up an environment in the cloud should there be a complete failure inside a physical office.
For clients that are completely in the cloud, we utilize the same tools to replicate all systems to a secondary data center, ensuring that in the event of a catastrophic failure in one, we can keep you up and running in the second.
We also recommend backing up all Microsoft 365 accounts, including each mailbox and your OneDrive and SharePoint Online data. Since Microsoft’s built-in disaster recovery feature does not include backups, we implement this backup to ensure we can easily retrieve lost data.
All backup and disaster recovery solutions are monitored in real time, as well as checked every day to ensure there are no errors. We also provide bi-annual restore tests of your backups to truly ensure we can restore everything in the event of a failure.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Strategic Planning and vCIO

Planning for your organization’s next-generation technology requires understanding what you have today, the options available for tomorrow, and your company’s direction. Quarterly meetings keep us up to date on your firm’s IT requirements, and keep you aware of advancements that could benefit your company.
Dyrand Systems' vCIO process is unique. Our recommendations are approved by a team that includes the technicians assigned to the client, our Technology Manager, VP of Operations, and Managing Directors, ensuring that the solution offered is truly in your best interest.
As part of the vCIO role, Dyrand Systems can participate in your Strategic Planning meetings so that we can make recommendations based on the direction of your company. Our role is to ensure you're aware of any risks — as well as possible solutions — so you can make an educated decision. Our goal is to continually reduce the risk and complexity of your infrastructure, while at the same time, increasing the reliability and efficiency of your systems.
We spend considerable time and resources staying on top of all IT advancements so you don’t have to. We require all staff to re-certify annually, and our Technology Manager continually researches and tests new offerings, meeting with our Managing Directors to determine if these are in line with our clients’ needs. We encourage our Technology Manager and senior level technicians to dedicate 10 – 20% of their time investigating the technology of their choice. When they believe they have a viable solution, they present it to the Managing Directors. This is how we stay ahead of the curve.

Office 365

Licensing and Procurement

As a Microsoft Direct Bill Partner, we’re able to manage Microsoft Licensing for each user in your organization, adding and removing licenses as necessary. We can also procure licenses for other applications, such as for any of the Adobe products. In addition, we can obtain corporate-quality workstations and network hardware for you, often at a better price than you could obtain on your own.

Proactive Management

Proactive Management

'Proactive' is a word that's overused in the IT space. But at Dyrand Systems, we believe that being proactive is the best way to help our clients manage the sizeable investment that today's technology requires. Through regular communication between your company and ours, we keep you aware of any potential issues that you should be aware of, so there are never any nasty surprises.

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