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Proactive Support by a Team of Professionals

Most IT providers work to a reactionary model, simply fixing problems when they occur. Our founder envisioned a pre-emptive approach to delivering IT peace of mind, and the team at Dyrand Systems continues to anticipate issues before they happen to help our clients avoid system repairs and associated downtime costs. Dyrand Systems is proud to offer a culture of proactive support.

Ed Anderson

Ed Anderson

Managing Director

As Managing Director, Ed uses his 2+ decades experience to continue to drive Dyrand Systems’ growth while at the same time ensuring that Dyrand Systems exceeds expectations at all levels of customer service.

Originally from Newfoundland, Ed has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and drive for growth. It was this drive that led him to pack all his worldly belongings into his Volkswagen and drive across the country in search of better opportunities in 1995. He landed in the growing IT sector in Vancouver.

Ed gained significant experience working at a national company, serving high-profile clients such as Dynamic Mutual Funds, Grey Advertising, and Delcan Engineering. He quickly progressed from systems specialist to account manager, to team lead, to sales rep and eventually to branch manager. He then knew it was time to branch out on his own and really focus on his passion – customer service.

Quitting his job in July of 2001, in the middle of the dot com crash and just a few months shy of what would become a recession, was the scariest and most exciting thing Ed’s ever done. But he knew there was an opportunity for a better solution in the IT industry.

“I could not get past the fact that we were getting paid to fix things as they broke. When times were slow, you inevitably started hoping things would start breaking at clients’ sites so we would get the call to go and fix them and charge them by the hour – which I knew was very wrong. I wanted a model whereby we got paid to keep things running and where we paid the price when systems went down.”

Ed has always believed that the needs of the client should match up tightly with the offerings of their IT provider. This philosophy of alignment was the genesis of Dyrand Systems and is, to this day, a major differentiator for the company.

Since 2001, Ed has practiced this approach at Dyrand Systems , working with small and medium-sized businesses that are seeking better returns on their IT investments.

Amit Nath

Amit Nath

VP of Operations

Amit joined Dyrand Systems as Project Manager in 2018 and became the company’s VP of Operations in 2020. Amit manages Dyrand Systems’ Technical Operations Teams (Support, Projects), and plays a key role in contributing to our clients’ success through supporting their existing IT infrastructure, or assisting in the digital transformation of their IT infrastructure

Amit holds both a Diploma and a Bachelor of Technology. Before Dyrand Systems, he worked for other IT companies over a span of 20 years in a variety of roles including technical engineering, technical sales, and as a technical architect, designing solutions for clients of another managed service provider. In 2015 he transitioned into Management as a Project Manager, where his inherent skills and quick learning ability ensured his success.

When not working, Amit enjoys hiking and cycling, but his real passion is in helping mentor students through BCIT’s leadership program. As an IT industry speaker, he participates in webinars and Q & A sessions on topics such as Leadership, Management, Career Path, Professional Development. He enjoys sharing his real-world experience with students from the college’s many different programs.

Lauren Serranilla

Lauren Serranilla

Project Manager

Lauren originally worked as an Account Manager in multiple advertising agencies in Asia, leading the execution of communication strategies and marketing campaigns for brands such as McDonald’s, Samsung, Philip Morris, and Microsoft. Her years of experience in the advertising industry sharpened her skills and knowledge in Client Servicing, Project Coordination and Resource Management.

In 2018, she moved to the IT industry and joined as a Project Coordinator in Managed Services. She drew on her management experience in executing IT infrastructure projects such as security implementations, network upgrades, and email or server migrations. Lauren then joined Dyrand in early 2020, implementing infrastructure projects for multiple clients. She enjoys working in the MSP space, leading mission critical projects for clients in Finance, Accounting, Engineering, and Human Resources.

Outside of work, Lauren enjoys trying out new restaurants and experimenting on exotic new recipes in her kitchen.

Richard Liu

Richard Liu

Senior Systems Specialist

When Richard Liu joined Dyrand Systems in 2004, the idea of a managed service provider was not a formalized business model, but he could see the wisdom in Dyrand Systems’  strategy of providing proactive IT services to its clients.

Richard’s IT industry involvement dates back two decades, including a time as an MSCE instructor. While focuses on Microsoft technologies, he is also experienced with Linux and VMWare. He supports deploying industry-common standard solutions to meet customers’ needs, and is certified in multiple on-premises and cloud technologies.

Like many people, Richard worked from home through much of 2020, and witnessed how clients whose systems were in the cloud were able to continue operating without issue. He firmly believes that cloud computing offers many benefits — not the least of which is the ability to continue operating under virtually any circumstance.

Don Madlung

Don Madlung

Senior Systems Specialists

Don began his IT career in 2001, and has been with Dyrand Systems since 2010. A man of many talents, he has acquired two VMWare certifications, his MCSA, MCSE, and MCITP, and thanks to a brief stint at a sporting goods store, he can also string your tennis racquet or sharpen your skates.

Don and his wife have a young family of four, but before being a dad occupied much of his time, Don was an Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) participant. HEMA competitors strive for historical accuracy as they learn the tactics and strategy involved in protecting themselves during sword fighting competitions. Points are awarded for cuts and thrusts, and dependent on where on the body contact was made. While Don’s HEMA participation is currently on hold, he continues to learn more about the sport and looks forward to the day he’ll return to participating.

Lawanda Thornley

Lawanda Thornley

Procurement Specialist

Lawanda has taken an interesting road to Dyrand Systems. While interviewing for an administrative position at an investment company, she pointed out some errors in their marketing materials and was promptly offered a marketing role. In 2008, when the economic downturn hit, she moved to a similar role in a family member’s company. Then when her son was born and she needed more flexibility, a connection from the first company led her to a contract purchasing role with an MSP. And finally, in 2018, when she was looking for something more permanent, a recommendation from a Dyrand Systems employee brought her to us.

Despite these career changes, a constant in Lawanda’s life has always been music. She plays a total of 6 instruments and studied the flute at university. She’s currently taking cello lessons and has begun working with her five-year-old son on his child-sized violin. While her son keeps her and her husband very busy, she also enjoys breadmaking – not eating it, just making it — and modern quilting.

Lawanda’s attention to detail ensures Dyrand Systems’ clients receive exactly the information they need to make technology purchasing decisions for their business.

Lynn Zdan

Lynn Zdan

Account Administrator

Lynn’s IT experience has been a bit different than that of most Dyrand Systems employees. She brings a less technical perspective to Dyrand Systems, but one that offers an insight into what our customers experience.

Lynn was a technical writer for more than 25 years, working for software companies and the BC provincial government. She has produced manuals, Help systems, websites, business proposals, sales presentations, and marketing collateral, and while both her audience and the deliverables have been diverse, her goal has always been the same: translate complex concepts into language that can easily be understood.

At Dyrand Systems, Lynn continues that goal by assisting Dyrand Systems’ Sales team to provide each client with a regular, understandable snapshot of their technology. She’s also their liaison to all other Dyrand Systems departments, advocating on their behalf, as needed.