Proactive Support by a Team of Professionals

Most IT providers work to a reactionary model, simply fixing problems when they occur. Our founders envisioned a pre-emptive approach to delivering IT peace of mind, and the team at Dyrand continues to anticipate issues before they happen to help our clients avoid system repairs and associated downtime costs. Dyrand is proud to offer a culture of proactive support.

Ed Anderson

Managing Director

As Managing Director, Ed uses his 2+ decades experience to continue to drive Dyrand’s growth while at the same time ensuring that Dyrand exceeds expectations at all levels of customer service.

Originally from Newfoundland, Ed has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and drive for growth. It was this drive that led him to pack all his worldly belongings into his Volkswagen and drive across the country in search of better opportunities in 1995. He landed in the growing IT sector in Vancouver.

Ed gained significant experience working at a national company, serving high-profile clients such as Dynamic Mutual Funds, Grey Advertising, and Delcan Engineering. He quickly progressed from systems specialist to account manager, to team lead, to sales rep and eventually to branch manager. He then knew it was time to branch out on his own and really focus on his passion – customer service.

Quitting his job in July of 2001, in the middle of the dot com crash and just a few months shy of what would become a recession, was the scariest and most exciting thing Ed’s ever done. But he knew there was an opportunity for a better solution in the IT industry.

“I could not get past the fact that we were getting paid to fix things as they broke. When times were slow, you inevitably started hoping things would start breaking at clients’ sites so we would get the call to go and fix them and charge them by the hour – which I knew was very wrong. I wanted a model whereby we got paid to keep things running and where we paid the price when systems went down.”

Ed has always believed that the needs of the client should match up tightly with the offerings of their IT provider. This philosophy of alignment was the genesis of Dyrand and is, to this day, a major differentiator for the company.

Since 2001, Ed has practiced this approach at Dyrand, working with small and medium-sized businesses that are seeking better returns on their IT investments.

Nicholas Drayer

Managing Director

At the end of 2007, Nicholas Drayer was invited to join Dyrand Systems as Chief Operations Officer. In November of 2008, he became a 50% shareholder and Managing Director of the company. Nicholas brings more than 20 years of experience to Dyrand, specializing in information systems development, information technology management and strategic consulting. He helps companies use information technology to innovate, grow and reduce risk, and his passion is managing how technological innovation affects business, companies, and people.

Nicholas has previous experience in Europe and North America as a consultant, project manager, and CIO for clients in forestry, mining, health care, insurance, finance, transport and distribution, and provincial and state governments.

Nicholas was born in Montreal but grew up in the UK and The Netherlands. He graduated with a M.Sc. in Management and Organization from the University of Groningen in The Netherlands. Before that, he was a Radio Officer in the Merchant Navy. Nicholas moved to Vancouver in 1993 and now lives here with his family.