Co-Managed IT Support

Enhance Your IT Department with our Expertise

Everything to do with IT moves at fast pace — and it’s crucial that your business is not left behind. Savvy companies understand the importance of a partnership with a managed services provider like Dyrand Systems and the expertise and support they can provide.

Dyrand Systems’ co-managed IT services help businesses that have an internal IT department, but need a helping hand. Our experts can improve your internal IT capabilities and provide support in areas where you haven’t been able to allocate the necessary resources and time, potentially leaving your business exposed to security vulnerabilities.

We’re here when you need us

  • We develop and implement technology solutions that enable you to achieve your goals.
  • We’re available 24/7 to take care of any IT emergencies.
  • We maintain and regularly optimize your systems, minimizing the chance of downtime.
  • We train to your staff to ensure they can use your technology effectively.

Co-sourced support

Dyrand Systems also offers co-sourcing, where we seamlessly and efficiently align our efforts with that of your internal employees to form a single IT team working collaboratively on solutions and improvements. This kind of arrangement can:

  • Improve risk management processes
  • Save time on support activities and tedious maintenance
  • Enhance maintenance and administration of hardware and software operations
  • Grant your Internal IT team access to Dyrand Systems’ tools and technology

We also offer you our expertise and assistance in analyzing user satisfaction, conducting regular security checks and threat assessments. Moreover, we provide regular detailed reports on our IT support activities.

Dyrand Systems has made major investments in NSOC (Network security and operations automation) capabilities, as well as Help Desk workflow and automation. You gain access to the top tools available in the marketplace, while we extend our toolset to make your internal resources much more efficient.

Expert Advice, As Needed

IT upgrades are continual and your team may not always have the skills necessary to handle them. Our experienced IT professionals can provide the knowledge needed to maintain servers, support your network, and manage core processes. This ensures your systems are functioning optimally, enables your team to increase their skill set, and saves your business from any downtime.

Keeping You Going 24/7

Nothing is more important than keeping critical business applications available and fully operational. With our managed backup services, our team proactively monitors the integrity of your backups 24/7. And because your business is unique, we tailor your backup plan to fit the demands critical to the nature of your business.

Organization-Wide Benefits

Our team of experienced IT professionals supplement your resources, enabling you and your staff to focus on business, rather than IT concerns. We provide solutions and benefits that your internal IT team can utilize throughout your organization.

Helping Your Business Grow

If your small IT team is constantly overwhelmed with daily maintenance tasks and struggling to move your IT forward, a co-managed arrangement with Dyrand Systems can allow your internal team to dedicate its resources to your business needs and your company's long-term growth.

Making Better Decisions

Through regular planning meetings, our experts provide our co-managed clients with tactical solutions to their pressing IT issues. Our staff collaborate with you to execute a strategic plan that is updated annually, and comes complete with a multi-year budget.

Our Services

Our Expertise + Your IT Staff

A Great Partnership

We can provide the expert help you need for your IT solutions.