Construction companies utilize many applications to run their businesses. That’s why Dyrand Systems carefully analyzes the business requirement of each company to provide the desired outcome for its specific IT infrastructure needs.

Building Better Solutions for Your Business

The construction industry is one of the most information-intensive industries, with major construction projects requiring regular, extensive exchanges of data and information between all participants.

Construction companies utilize many applications to run their businesses. Which is why Dyrand Systems carefully analyzes the business requirements of each company to provide the desired outcome for its specific infrastructure needs. Firms in the construction industry typically adopt a hybrid solution where some applications are hosted in the cloud while others are kept in-house. Dyrand Systems designs and builds these solutions to be fully integrated and seamless, thereby providing team members with the opportunity to be productive rather than worrying about where or how things are set up.

Microsoft Tools for Construction Companies

IoT, AI, and 3D rendering are an invaluable part of the smart building lifecycle, even before the building comes to fruition. On construction sites, companies must prioritize employee safety while ensuring the job is completed on time and with the utmost quality. Dyrand Systems offers Microsoft tools that provide a variety of services that come together to help construction companies onboard devices that can inform them about their site, model their physical world, and visualize data in the right context.

Cloud Computing Dyrand

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has a strong appeal in the construction industry, with many benefits due to the constant change of workers and setup of new job site locations. Often, construction workers require access to company data to provide timely decision-making and reporting ability while working in the field. Construction companies benefit from the cloud’s ability to offer increased freedom and easy access to information at any time, from any location, such as job sites, customer locations, and satellite offices.

Proactive Management

Project Management Software

Project management software such as Primavera P6 allows contractors to control complicated business processes through planning, organizing, and managing the various resource pools available. Through applications like this, construction companies have the ability to execute projects more efficiently, while at the same time delivering high quality results and increasing their overall profitability.

Mobile Device Management Dyrand

Mobile Device Management

In the construction industry, employees use mobile devices as their main line of communication during a project. Whether it’s emails, texts, or phone calls, the smartphone has become the construction industry’s primary tool of communication. With the ever-growing amount of mobile devices and applications, mobile device management is increasingly important. With mobile device management software, the construction industry can optimize the functionality of mobile devices, while protecting the configuration settings and data for mobile devices in a network, thus lowering the overall business security risks and support costs.