Expert IT Solutions for Finance Industries

Information technology has transformed the world of finance and accounting, putting compliance, privacy, and financial data at your fingertips so you can better serve your clients. Your organization is dependent on IT, but you don’t necessarily want to think about it nor worry about it if it fails to work.

An exemplary managed services company providing quality IT support can improve the daily experience of your employees and your clients. In financial services, the client experience is even more important as a misstep may raise a question about your vulnerability.

Our IT solutions for the finance industry provide support and infrastructure for companies such as Certified Public Accounting (CPA) firms along with firms that have professionals working in the mortgage industry, finance portfolios, wealth management companies, investment, mutual fund, leasing, financial planning, and insurance organisations. We provide value by ensuring that our clients don’t need to think or worry about their IT infrastructure.

Dyrand provides outstanding managed services experience your business needs. Overcome cybersecurity and compliance challenges for financial services. The benefit of having both critical business support functions and credentialed subject matter experts with one partner provides simplicity to complex technology.

We offer and deliver unrivalled IT services and expert support to companies like yours across Canada and the United States by constantly watching for potential network hiccups – and by fixing them before our clients even know they exist.

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