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As a Microsoft Direct Bill Partner (formerly known as a Tier 1 provider) and provider of Microsoft Azure services, Dyrand Systems is Canada’s premier private cloud expert. Through our Complete IT service offering, we customize our cloud offerings to be the right fit for each business we serve. Since no two companies operate the same way, we know it’s critical that your business has the right solution to fit your needs, not the solution that fits your service provider.

Eliminate expensive hardware refreshes

Our Cloud Services offering helps businesses streamline their IT operations while increasing their IT flexibility, scalability and predictability. It also provides the security needed to address ever-changing market conditions. With Dyrand Systems’ help in moving your business to the cloud, you can eliminate the requirement to refresh all hardware every four years while simultaneously instituting a highly reliable, continually modernized IT infrastructure.

Our complete IT service offering

  • Savings: We can typically save businesses 20% of their current IT costs, assuming use of the same high grade of equipment, facilities and services.
  • Talent: Our full-service Help Desk, field support specialists, NOC engineers, and management team collectively serve as your IT department.
  • Operational Expertise: We employ industry best practices, guidelines and methods that follow the international ITIL standard to ensure consistent, high quality IT operations for our clients.
  • Capacity Management: We ensure that information technology resources are right-sized to meet current and future business requirements in a cost-effective manner.
  • Scalability: Our Cloud Solutions can scale out rapidly to any size suitable for our clients.

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Cloud Computing: Secure, Scalable, and Affordable

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