You Protect Your Customers, Dyrand Protects You!

Insurance is probably one of the most fiercely competitive industries. Agencies face stiff competitions from both large organizations and local firms, sometimes even individual agents. A cloud solution with proactive IT support strategy can help you have a competitive edge over the competition. Let us worry about IT for you, so you can focus on what’s more important: running your business.

Protecting your clients’ personal belongings and their data is one of your top concerns.  Dyrand has designed and implements a cybersecurity solution that protects you and your client.  Simply put, we protect the digital assets stored in your infrastructure through a process designed around confidentiality, integrity, and availability. No matter what the threat we protect your asses from threats through safeguards and constant monitoring so we can respond as incidents arise.

As a Tier 1 provider of Microsoft Hosting services, Dyrand Systems is Canada’s premier private cloud expert. Through our Managed IT  service offering, we customize our cloud offerings to be the right fit for each business we serve. Since no two companies operate the same way, we know it’s critical that your business has the right solution to fit your needs – not the solution that fits your service provider.

Dyrand is:

  • a partner that’s relentlessly focused on knowing your insurance systems and keeping them operational.

  • a partner that doesn’t wait for a service call, but proactively monitors for potential issues and takes care of them before they cause a problem.

  • a partner that takes pride in every user having a great IT experience.

With in-depth technical knowledge, we address specific business challenges by designing tailor-made solutions for the insurance market. Our expertise  with Power Broker, PowerQuote, NexCenter, and many others helps clients develop and manage IT solutions that enable them to differentiate their businesses and give them quick ROI. We help insurance companies eliminate the need for extensive paperwork by implementing applications that automate processes and customizing their offerings to meet consumer and agent preferences, thereby bringing in measurable business benefits.

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Learn how Dyrand can provide you with the same peace of mind for your technology that you provide to your customers.

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