5 Reasons Why Businesses Are Outsourcing Desktop Management

It wasn’t long ago when the typical office job centered around a single desk with a workstation computer that employees used to work. As the workforce becomes more mobile and businesses find themselves under more pressure to innovate, C-level personnel are trying to find ways to better align technology with corporate goals.

The desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) model offers many benefits to cash-strapped startups and small companies that don’t have the in-house resources to implement modern IT systems by themselves. DaaS allows businesses to have their desktop environments hosted in the cloud, thereby making corporate apps and systems available on almost any internet-connected device. Here are some of its biggest advantages:

#1. Fast and Incremental Scalability

In a traditional office, onboarding a new member of staff often meant purchasing and implementing new systems and devices. As such, corporate growth required businesses to invest large sums of money into expanding existing systems to accommodate increased demands.

Outsourcing desktop management allows you to transform these investments into predictable operational costs, which also makes your IT infrastructure much more scalable. Instead of buying new computers and other devices to expand the network, companies can simply add new users and provide new staff with cloud-hosted virtual desktops. Better still, it typically only takes a few minutes to add a new user with an entirely software-defined and cloud-hosted infrastructure.

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#2. Reduced Burden on in-House Staff

Big businesses typically have dedicated IT departments, but that’s hardly feasible for most smaller organizations with limited in-house expertise. After all, the typical small business doesn’t have any IT experts on the team, and hiring them on a contract can also be prohibitively expensive.

Outsourced desktop management is exactly what it sounds like – a third party will be responsible for implementing, maintaining, and troubleshooting your infrastructure. In other words, you can shift the responsibility to an external third party so that in-house staff no longer need to deal with trivial IT problems and challenges.

#3. Access to Better Technology

New technologies range from being disruptive to essential, and the challenge lies in knowing which solutions will work best with your business. A common reason why many companies stick with dated technology is because they get comfortable with it and subscribe to the age-old adage that, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Unfortunately, in the fast-evolving world of IT, this line of thinking can leave your business vulnerable to disasters.

Outsourcing your IT puts it in the hands of experts with a vested interest in ensuring your technology solutions align with your company goals. In other words, you’ll have access to newer, better and more suitable technology, and you won’t need to worry about a thing.

#4. Round-the-Clock Security

Your business might not be working around the clock, but hackers certainly do, and they can strike at any time. Meeting the security and compliance demands that your business faces is all the more challenging when your employees are using different devices for work, including their own mobile devices.

Contrary to popular belief, cloud-based desktops aren’t less secure. In fact, they’re likely to be far more secure than in-house systems. That’s because any dependable managed services provider will have reached an economy of scale that allows them to implement the most effective security measures in the industry, and that includes round-the-clock threat detection and prevention.

#5. Enable Workforce Mobility

As modern technology drives changing habits, today’s employees are now more mobile than ever. Office employees no longer have to be glued to the office desk, at least not if there’s an accessible IT infrastructure that allows people to work from home and on the move.

With virtual desktops hosted in the cloud, your employees can access the applications, data, and other systems they need to do their jobs no matter where they are. This increases both productivity and employee satisfaction, all while helping you regain control over your operating budget.

At Dyrand Systems, we believe technology should be your friend, not your foe. That’s why we offer to manage every device across your organization and choose the optimal technology solutions for your business. Contact us today to learn more.