6 VoIP Features Every Business Must Have

The ability to communicate effectively is critical to any business, and it’s why so many are switching over to unified communications solutions that incorporate modern VoIP telephony features.

VoIP business phone systems offer many advantages, such as greater flexibility and reduced overheads. This is especially true for smaller businesses looking to take advantage of functionality that was previously available only to large enterprises operating sophisticated PBX systems.

Nonetheless, not all VoIP systems are equal, and that’s why you’ll want to identify which features, among a host of possibilities, will be most valuable to your business.

#1. Simple Scalability

To maintain their competitive edge, today’s businesses need to be prepared to tackle new market opportunities as soon as they arise. That means they need to be running systems that are ready to handle additional workloads at short notice.

VoIP is perfect for growing businesses since it’s easy to add new users — it requires a couple of mouse clicks instead of having to manage physical phone lines and other infrastructure. With VoIP, the only potential limitation is your available bandwidth, which your ISP should be able to scale up or down as required. As such, VoIP enables you to add new users and features effortlessly on an on-demand basis.

#2. Cloud Enablement

VoIP telephony is typically just one component of a larger system known as Unified Communications (UC), whereby all the internal and external communications of your company are managed centrally. UC brings together instant messaging, email, VoIP, video conferencing and more into a single platform that’s typically managed in the cloud.

Cloud enablement allows you to outsource the management of your entire communications infrastructure to an off-premises service provider. There are several advantages of this type of arrangement – you’ll save money, reduce your bills, and free up valuable human resources and office space.

#3. Auto Attendant

Consumers and businesses alike are more demanding than ever before, and the days of the 9 until 5 opening hours are long behind us. An auto attendant allows your business to be present around the clock every day of the year, without the need for an operator to answer the phones all the time.

Auto attendants can also redirect calls to ensure they’re handled by the right people so that no time is wasted speaking to the wrong department. Similarly, you can configure customized and professional greetings tailored to the specific needs of your customers.

#4. Quality Control

VoIP solutions provide an ability to monitor the quality of service you’re offering to your customers. They also provide a degree of control over call quality by allowing you to set aside internet bandwidth specifically for handling high-volume calling times.

Other important quality control features include call monitoring and the ability to “break into” calls to speak only to employees without customers being able to hear you. Features such as these can help with staff training, reduce social engineering scams, and improve customer service.

#5. Follow Me Functionality

Long gone are the days when employees had to be stuck at their desks throughout the working day. One of the best features of any decent VoIP package is the Follow Me functionality, which provides automatic call rerouting to any mobile device whenever the employee is away from his or her desk.

More sophisticated systems even allow you to set entire ring sequences that include desk phones, mobile phones, coworker phones and voicemail.

#6. Easy Management

It’s often the case that the more features you have, the more complicated the system, but that doesn’t have to be the case with a carefully planned VoIP implementation. In fact, most systems feature a centralized user interface that’s accessed via the web from any internet-enabled device.

VoIP systems also tend to be inherently simpler than traditional communications networks, since there’s no switchboard or phone lines to manage or dial codes to worry about. Instead, employees will be able to take advantage of a user-friendly interface that integrates into their existing systems.

No matter the size of your company, you need to manage your resources for efficiency, performance and reliability. That’s why Dyrand offers a VoIP solution that’s suitable for all our clients. If you’re looking for a system that’s affordable, reliable, easy to use, and packed with all the above features and more, then call us today and bring your business communications to the next level.