Your Accounting Firm Needs an MSP

A Managed Service Provider, or MSP, is a consultant and manager of a customer’s IT infrastructure and end-user systems. IT service companies provide proactive IT maintenance and support services. This work is conducted on a subscription basis. Sometimes on-site but many times delivered over the internet.

The MSP service can either focus on general information technology like data storage or cybersecurity, or they can specialize in specific markets and the challenges associated with them like the industrial, telecommunications, financial, or healthcare sectors.

Although the accounting industry has been slower to adopt technology, it has become a necessity to have strong IT systems and secure and reliable infrastructure. IT has become essential for accounting firms of all sizes.

Hand IT Off to the MSP

Service packages vary but do usually include a 24/7 helpdesk, data security, backup planning, network monitoring, emails, file sharing, and tech support.

There are several advantages, including:

  • Cloud Readiness: When you need to move your systems to the cloud or transform your projects to digital, MSPs and CSPs (Cloud Service Providers) are the best ones to assist you with this job.
  • Compliance: Accounting firms especially, need an MSP that understands judicial requirements for staying compliant and for limiting liability.
  • Data Security: MSPs help you improve systems that fend off cyberattacks and prevent data loss (which can easily end up being a death sentence).
  • Upgrades: MSPs keep your software systems up to date, so you can maintain productivity, and prevent a data breach.
  • 24/7 Technical Support: Particularly if you have a staff of one, they can get the support they need during off business hours or weekends.
  • Network Monitoring: This allows the MSP to take action to prevent, or react to, problems with the network or workstations.
  • IT Experts: An MSP can be a true IT partner, who will help you manage your needs, as you focus on your accounting business.
  • Scalable Growth: Navigate change with less trouble. MSPs can address growing pains in the form of needing new computers and licenses, outsourcing staff for a couple of months, or remote work.
  • Expenses: Over the long term a preventative approach is cheaper.
  • Predictable Costs: Receiving a single monthly bill each month makes for a great summary of IT expenses. Especially if it is carefully itemized.

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Bring in an MSP You can Trust and Do What You Do Better

Get top talent to help with your IT needs, streamline your operation, protect your data, and lower your operating costs. With an MSP, you can innovate your user experience and become more competitive. The right MSP can make your company look like, and compete with, much larger companies, moving your small company into a bigger pond.

The typical MSP customer is a small to medium-sized business with limited in-house IT capabilities. However, larger organizations may also contract an MSP if they are facing budget cuts resulting in a need to assist an in-house IT department.

Dyrand provides a customized solution that is perfect for your business. We can address a portion of your business, like cloud backup, or we can come in at a more comprehensive level. Bring us in for an evaluation, share your goals with us, and we’ll offer you an estimate.