Benefits of Advanced IT for Vancouver’s Manufacturing and Construction Firms

The construction and manufacturing industries have traditionally been slow to take up new technology. Many businesses operating in these fields have yet to wake up to the benefits of cutting-edge IT, despite its central role in developing the ideas behind their work.

By including modern technology in every area of your business, you won’t just be keeping up with the times – you’ll be maintaining your competitive edge and making life easier for your customers and everyone involved in your business.

Project Management

Until a few years ago, high-technology in the manufacturing and construction industries was largely restricted to the architects and engineering teams working with their own on-premises data centers.

Today, however, advanced IT tools permeate every area of business to the extent that it now plays an important role on production floors and construction sites as well. This is largely thanks to cloud computing and the increased mobility that comes with it.

Easily one of the most valuable IT solutions in construction and manufacturing is a project management system, one that comes complete with a centralized database providing on-demand access to all employees who need it. Because a diverse range of employees need access to such a system, it’s important to implement one that enables easy mobility and can be used by everyone on the team. A cloud-based system accomplishes both, allowing everyone from designers to builders to quickly access the information they need to do their jobs.

Project management software tailored for use in manufacturing and construction firms can also be integrated with other core applications used in the industry. For example, integration with computer-aided design software lets planners and architects make important updates to blueprints in real time and make them immediately available to subcontractors.

By using cloud-based apps, contractors who don’t use CAD themselves will still be able to share and view plans and any other content they need without having to install extra applications on their devices.

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Cost Estimation

Meeting production targets and construction deadlines is one thing, but without proper planning and ongoing supervision, project costs have a habit of spiraling out of control. Cost estimation software is another important tool for any construction or manufacturing business to have in its arsenal, especially since it reduces financial risk and increases transparency between management and contractors.

As with project management software, modern cost estimation software is usually delivered as web-based apps and hosted by a cloud service provider. This enables complete transparency across the organization, seamless integration with your other apps and systems, and on-demand availability.

By making this information easily accessible through cloud computing, businesses no longer have to watch their profits erode from mundane issues like receiving important documentation late or inaccurate.


Meeting government-mandated compliance regulations isn’t getting any easier. If your organization works with controlled goods which are regulated by Canadian law, you’ll need to ensure that your systems meet certain security standards. Technology helps you achieve these standards by providing new ways to store and access your data and enable a robust business continuity strategy through cloud-based backup solutions.

By working with a company that’s certified under the Controlled Goods Program (CGP), you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your data is in the safest of hands and protected by cutting-edge cybersecurity measures.

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