Big Changes Coming to Microsoft Outlook in Coming Years

As more and more businesses rely on the Internet and technology to increase efficiencies and improve operations, it should be no surprise that the tech companies behind it all are also seeking to grow in ways that best help their clients. The frequency of these changes can often precipitate headaches and frustration, and that’s where Dyrand Systems comes in. Our expert staff has years of experience in all levels of IT systems, and with the big changes coming to Microsoft Outlook we’re here for you. The Microsoft 365 IT support team at Dyrand and our Microsoft 365 small business team can handle any and all platform-related questions. If your business is already operating with Microsoft Outlook – or perhaps you are thinking of switching over – now is the time to get professionally managed Office 365 support on board as well.

What is Microsoft Outlook?

In short, Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager that is part of the Microsoft 365 small business suite. Outlook itself is most often used as an email platform but also offers features like a manageable calendar, task organizers, note-taking capabilities, web browsing, and more. Microsoft Outlook has proven to be a great tool for many small businesses, and the Dyrand 365 IT support is here if things were to ever go sideways.

What big changes are coming to Outlook?

Project “Monarch” is currently underway at Microsoft, with the end goal being to streamline the Outlook interface overall systems. Currently, Microsoft Outlook for Windows and Mac are independent, and the end goal of the “One Outlook” vision is to make the platform universal across all systems (Mac, PC, and the Web as a whole).

The final version will be very similar to what users are seeing on the Outlook Web app – standardizing the app experience on Windows 10 when ready and making it easily accessible to people using all platforms.

While Windows is working hard to make this transition as smooth as possible, we all know how things work in the IT world. The frequent growing pains of program updates and improvements can be trying at times, and that’s where we’re here to help. The experts at Dyrand are eager for the completion of Project Monarch, as we know full well how valuable the accessibility and performance improvements will be. Still, though we understand that change is hard, and our Office 365 small business support team is here to eliminate those growing pains for you. Whether the updated Outlook is throwing you for a loop on a day-to-day basis or you just need occasional support to learn the most efficient and effective ways to utilize all of its tools, our 365 IT support team is here for you. Give us a call to request a quote or to schedule services today!