Considering a new MSP for 2019? Here are the qualities you should look for

New Year’s resolutions are pretty much a big deal for everyone. Resolving to change something for the better not only helps achieve more goals, but it also improves life in general. Whatever the intention may be, it’s important to set realistic objectives and know what you really want to accomplish.

The same principle applies to your business. As your enterprise keeps growing, you may feel that your current managed IT services provider (MSP) can no longer keep up with your future direction or is not delivering the required level of savings for your company.

If so, then it’s time to consider partnering with a new MSP for the coming year. Here are some of the qualities you need to look for in a new provider:

#1. Technical expertise

When partnering with an MSP, it’s most important to determine if their services suit your needs. From virtualization and cloud computing to mobility and custom app development, the provider must be well versed in the relevant aspects of IT to ensure that they can provide an efficient service to you.

Try visiting the websites of MSPs on your shortlist so you can compare their offerings and industry partners, and eventually pick the best one.

#2. Proven track record

Trusting an MSP is easier if it has an excellent history of satisfied clients. The provider should be able to showcase their ability to not only retain customers but also partner with new ones such as your company.

Look for client testimonials on the MSP’s website and see if you can relate with any of their experiences. A quick Google search may also bring up helpful reviews about the provider you’re vetting. You can check who they’re teaming up with in the industry, as these partnerships can be vital to your success.

#3. Guaranteed service levels

More than one in five Canadian companies have fallen victim to a cyberattack in 2017, and this has forced them to spend $14 billion on improving their online security. Ironically, they have spent over $8 billion on cybersecurity staff and contractors, and $2 billion on prevention and recovery measures.

An MSP should guarantee to take good care of your IT so you can focus on more important business matters, such as your employees and revenue. Your MSP must be committed to delivering the best solutions.

You can assess their competence by examining your service level agreement (SLA). An SLA is a contract that determines the performance standards that the MSP should meet. This typically includes round-the-clock availability, responsive customer support, comprehensive security, and speedy delivery of services.

An MSP that continuously struggles in these areas may cause more problems than solutions in the near future. This may also damage your business’s reputation.

#4. Inquisitiveness

An MSP shouldn’t just woo you into availing their services. A provider worth your time and money will have many questions regarding your enterprise, such as how it would like to operate, company missions and goals, and data migration requirements, among others. This is an important aspect to consider as it determines the MSP’s commitment and how far they will go in helping your business flourish.

Once an MSP learns more about your firm, they can easily tailor their services to your preferences.

#5. Accessibility

Despite the rising popularity of virtualization, remote management tools, and cloud computing, it’s still important that your business can receive support at a moment’s notice.

Choose an MSP that’s near your place of business, so whenever something goes wrong and online tools are not enough, they can be present onsite to resolve any issues with your operations.

Overall, an MSP should help you reach your goals in a skillful, practical, and cost-effective manner. More than just acting as an outsourced IT department, your provider should be a longtime partner.

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