How Office 365 brings a host of positive changes to the way you do business

Every year, new technologies make headlines in an already disruptive environment that has many business leaders struggling to keep up. After all, technology can either be your greatest enemy or a critical enabler of your growth and prosperity. It all depends on the solutions you choose and how you implement and maintain them.

Ever since its initial launch 27 years ago, Microsoft Office has proudly held its place as the gold standard in workplace productivity. It’s a set of applications that almost every computer user is at least reasonably familiar with, and it’s the productivity software of choice for 83% of the world’s enterprises. Today, it’s usually delivered as part of Office 365, Microsoft’s range of subscription services.

Microsoft offers four Office 365 subscription packages to business users, another four to larger enterprise customers, and several specialist editions for industries like education and healthcare. All plans offer a degree of flexibility, and you can always change it in the future and add new users whenever you need to. Prices start at only $5 per month per user and can go as high as $20 per month per user for higher product tiers.

Supercharge productivity with collaboration anywhere

Thanks to the rise of cloud computing and mobile technology, the modern workforce is empowered by the ability to work anywhere. Far from the days of being stuck in front of the office desk every day from nine till five, today’s employees now expect a degree of flexibility with regards to where, how, and when they work. On top of that, business leaders are now able to work with talent all over the world. Geographical boundaries is no longer an obstacle to growth.

With full cloud enablement and mobile apps available for Android and iPhone, Office 365 is ready for the international, multilingual environment. Cloud-hosted versions of popular applications like Word and Excel let people all over the world collaborate by co-authoring the same documents in real-time, while Microsoft Teams provides tools for chatting, conferencing, providing company news updates, and more. It transforms the way you do business by giving you the opportunity to empower employees with complete freedom and mobility as well as to tap the best talent from around the world.

Grow your business with ease with limitless scalability

All Office 365 plans are fully cloud-enabled, with browser-based versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This allows your employees to work with everyday productivity apps using any device connected to the internet. With your apps and data hosted in the cloud, your dependence on in-house hardware is greatly reduced, if not eliminated. There’s no need to buy extra hardware resources the moment you enroll a new member of staff, since you can instead have them enroll in a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policy and give them access to your apps and data online. All you need to do is add a new user account, which takes a matter of minutes.

This enormous degree of flexibility makes it much easier for your business to scale with demand. Add a full desktop and server virtualization into the mix, and an Office 365-based computing infrastructure provides all your employees with a complete virtual workspace that travels with them no matter where they are. And you’ll always have access to the latest technology and software updates, giving your business the opportunity to innovate and compete with the biggest names in the industry.

Lock down sensitive data with enterprise-grade security

As organizations of all sizes across all industries migrate to the cloud, security and privacy are top on the list of concerns. Being one of the biggest companies in tech, Microsoft has reached economies of scale that allow them to implement the best physical, technological, and administrative security measures available. They don’t disclose the locations of their data centers, all data is encrypted, redundant systems ensure hasty disaster-recovery, and full compliance and security auditing is easier than ever, thanks to the Microsoft Trust Center.

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