AI Will Help Lower Background Noise in Microsoft Teams

Long before Covid-19 enveloped the world, and increasing amount of companies were finding ways to allow their employees to work from home. With the rise and persistence of the recent pandemic, it is safe to say that we are in the midst of the work from home revolution. More and more people are working out of a home office or from the road, and even as vaccines become more prevalent and we learn to deal with the virus it seems as though many workers will continue these new habits. While there are many benefits to working from home, the experts at Dyrand Systems have stayed plenty busy as the go to work from home IT support office. As working from home becomes more the norm, we have seen an increase in technology that allows one to do so efficiently. Microsoft Teams is one such platform that has made holding meetings or conference calls a breeze, even if your coworkers are scattered around the country or world. Recently, Microsoft Teams has added a feature that will undeniably make these meetings much more enjoyable by eliminating that pesky background noise on your calls. It’s easy to use and our IT support office is happy to explain it.

How does the Microsoft Teams AI noise suppression feature work?

With a lot of hard work and development, the team at Microsoft has developed an algorithm that can identify more than 150 background noises commonly heard on Microsoft Teams calls. Noises such as excited kids, barking dogs, flushing toilets, and outside traffic can essentially be muted on the receiving end of the call. While you will certainly still hear your screaming toddler in the background, if the people on the other end of the call switch on the noise suppression feature they will be oblivious to your work from home chaos – instead being tuned in exclusively to the conversation at hand.

The designers at Microsoft, and the AI system they developed, used over 750 hours of uninterrupted speech and nearly 200 hours of noise to create an algorithm that can now be used by anyone using Microsoft Teams. Now, no matter how insane things may seem at your home office, your coworkers and bosses will be none the wiser when the feature is enabled.

The work from home revolution has precipitated a lot of advancements in technology, and the noise suppression feature on Microsoft Teams is especially exciting to the managed IT services team at Dyrand. The feature itself is not difficult to use, and it will make working from home far more enjoyable for all involved. Whether you have questions about the new AI noise suppression feature or are having other technological issues, reach out to our IT support office. We’re only a call away and always happy to help!