An Internal IT Team or an Outsourced IT Support Provider?

In today’s world, a strong information technology team is essential for the continued success of a business. There are a variety of ways to approach your small office IT solutions, and as the leading provider of managed IT services for businesses in Vancouver, Dyrand Systems knows the value of outsourced IT services. While on the surface it may seem like staffing small office IT solutions internally is a smart, efficient, and affordable way to go about your technological needs. In reality, the disadvantages far outweigh the benefits – especially when there are affordable managed IT services here in Vancouver to help!

Recruitment and Staffing

Like other facets of your business, recruitment and staffing for an in-house IT department can be a major drain. Not only do you need to find qualified personnel, but you will need to spend time and resources teaching them your system and ensuring that they are in it for the long haul. Between hiring, training, and staffing you will spend a considerable amount of money on an in-house team when compared to outsourcing support from Dyrand.

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The Loss of Key Personnel

Oftentimes when businesses try to keep their small office IT solutions in-house, they find themselves in a position where one person holds all of the answers to their systems, software, and procedures. If that person leaves, the business is left high and dry while trying to find a replacement and get them up to speed. Managed IT services in Vancouver have teams of personnel dedicated to both the business they work for and the clients that provide them work. As such, there is never a concern over losing the only person with the answers.

Outsourced Teams Improve Business

When keeping small office IT solutions in-house, the team will frequently get bombarded with easy day-to-day requests from other staff and departments. While it can be nice to have these folks accessible, the deluge of requests often prevents internal IT teams from focusing on improvements and innovation to move the business forward. Hiring managed IT services for businesses will allow you to work with experts that can adapt and grow your business as it changes, instead of paying an internal team to help your staff with simple technological tasks that they could likely solve on their own.

An Improved Customer Experience

The priority of managed IT services in Vancouver is to help businesses keep their technology running smoothly, and oftentimes that has a direct impact on the experience being delivered to your customers. If the online or technological components of your business at all impact your customers, a professional IT company is the only way to ensure a seamless experience.

While some people may try to make a case for building and staffing an internal IT department, the best solution for most small to medium businesses is outsourcing your IT support to a company entrenched in the field. Locally, nobody does it better than the passionate and professional team at Dyrand Systems. If you are seeking out managed IT services in Vancouver give the experts at Dyrand a call. We’re happy to discuss our offerings, provide quotes, and help you realize just how beneficial managed IT services for businesses can be.