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Annex Consulting Group

We are delighted with Dyrand Systems’ service. We have been working with them for 6 years. They have helped us upgrade various technology components, work remotely, and improve business continuity. They’re very responsive. The technicians are very knowledgeable, and we have rarely had a problem that they could not fix right away. Cybersecurity is one of the biggest issues for any business and they are all over it. I have a Computer Science degree from SFU and run an IT consulting company so many of us know quite a bit about technology and I can tell you that what they implement is great.

Even with our technology experience, we still outsource the support of our IT infrastructure to Dyrand Systems so we can focus on growing our business without distractions. We have grown the business a lot in those six years without having to worry about IT support, security patches, setting up remote access, software upgrades, etc. Definitely peace of mind.

I have been involved in RFP processes with clients who have gone out to tender to find a company like Dyrand Systems, so I am aware of many of the companies in this space in town and I can tell you there are a few good firms and many not so good firms. Dyrand Systems is one of the good ones (one of the best ones). I am very comfortable highly recommending them (Dyrand Systems) and we have no plans to switch providers in the future.

Stacey Cerniuk, President & CEO

Automotive Retailers Association

We’ve been a client since early 2011. Before Dyrand Systems, we had a guy that came by every now and then, things were continuously going wrong with no ability to be proactive with technical issues. Dyrand Systems has brought a more proactive approach to IT and has been able to get things under control. Dyrand Systems has also outlined the necessary requirements based on our business needs, implemented an automatic backup and Disaster Recovery solution that helps to eliminate risks with our data and systems. We have already had to perform restores from this system and each time it’s been very painless and takes very little time to get back up and running again.


Michael van Dijk, Controller

British Columbia Lung Association

We are very pleased with the service Dyrand Systems provides. Their technicians are respectful and caring, and always willing to try multiple avenues to fix our issues. Their staff go above and beyond, even when working on last-minute requests that need to be completed quickly. They complete tasks ahead of schedule, helping us get our work done, with very little delay. Their account management team meet with us quarterly to ensure that we’re well-informed about our technology, and where appropriate, recommend changes that can help us work more efficiently, and save money. We really appreciate their help. Five stars!

Debora Wong, Vice President, Finance & Administration, and BC Lung Association Staff


Flexibility was the key to success to working with Dyrand Systems. Working together since 2004, they managed our entire IT setup. Dyrand Systems enabled us to be scalable once our business was purchased. Once it was purchased, Dyrand Systems was able to scale down the level of infrastructure since the company that bought us had their own structured setup. Keeping Dyrand Systems after the business was purchased was the best move we could make. An IT partnership like this, kept our business running smoothly, enabling responsiveness and concrete service levels. Dyrand Systems’ technicians are adept at quickly identifying the right candidate technically and functionally. We have also found the technicians and staff to be flexible, easy to work with and understanding of our business constraints.

Aleksandra Borisova, Regional Controller

University Neighbourhoods Association

Dyrand Systems has been the UNA’s IT Managed Service Provider since 2018. The University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA) oversees the major residential neighbourhoods around UBC’s campus: Chancellor Place, East Campus, Hampton Place, Hawthorn Place, Wesbrook Village, and other designated buildings. The UNA is a non-profit society that manages infrastructure, such as street and sidewalk repairs, and regulates matters of concern in the public realm, such as parking and noise.

Dyrand Systems has played a key role as a project lead to support our organization in our migration to the Office 365 environment. From a day-to-day operations perspective, the Dyrand Systems team is very responsive to our service requests. Dyrand Systems’ team of technicians are knowledgeable and able to resolve our unique requests within a short time frame.

As an operations manager, I’ve had a great experience dealing with Dyrand Systems’ service and support. I receive consistent service from everyone, from their leadership team all the way down to their technical support team members.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Dyrand Systems for your IT Managed Services provider.

Wegland Sit, Operations Manager

WestPark Parking Services

Dyrand Systems has been managing our IT network & infrastructure since 2010 and it has been smooth sailing ever since. With offices in two Provinces, our needs are always met regardless of the time of day or time zone. Our industry relies heavily on customer service; Dyrand Systems’ ability to effectively and quickly manage all of our IT issues gives us a competitive advantage in the marketplace. There is no bureaucracy or politics; we open a ticket and one of Dyrand Systems’ extremely capable staff members resolves our issue – and with a smile! Great people, great culture, great company. Thank you, Dyrand Systems.

Gerry Marchiafava, VP Finance and Controller