Trim Your Budget, But Make IT More Important Than Ever

A Pandemic Impact

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to change the way they do business. Because of the impact, the pandemic has had on us all. While IT technology as a whole has and will take a hit, the IT infrastructure market shows promise for some good reasons. The need for building strong cybersecurity protection is increasing. As remote work increases so must the need for cybersecurity. Digital online technology is how many businesses are currently operating out of the necessity to work remotely with employees and clients.

Focusing part of your budget on IT infrastructure that addresses cybersecurity is important. IT infrastructure and cybersecurity measures have become a more complex and more challenging problem to solve than before. Every company needs to build up the layers of protection for not just the current pandemic economy, but for the ever-evolving post-pandemic economy.

Cybersecurity Measures

More businesses are turning to the cloud during the pandemic. Many businesses’ contingency plans never anticipated this type of crisis. Some did prepare for the scenario, and it may be that this will be the model moving forward. More hackers are taking advantage of the trend toward working remotely, and in weaker security among those remote workers. Although much of the impact on company revenues came from external forces, the early adopters of cloud-based technologies were better positioned to protect themselves from this storm. For many businesses, the trend has been set in motion and the company’s operations need to change permanently. Smart Businesses are spending more on IT infrastructure technology. This can be a good thing.

Many aspects of this remote model are ones for which many companies are least prepared for. The tools of the cybercriminal don’t always just involve technology, they utilize an age-old tool that has proven effective time after time, fear uncertainty and doubt – FUD. Cybersecurity protects your intellectual property and other proprietary information, but managing it and modifying it is becoming increasingly challenging, as cybercriminals become more sophisticated.

The Need for IT

As many people seek employment after the pandemic is over, and the ongoing effort to address the ever-increasing needs of employees and customers, companies are looking to develop easier and more efficient technologies to make sure their user experiences are preferable to their competition’s, the need for the IT helpdesk is on the rise. New demand as varied as small business data backup to the dramatic increase in videoconferencing tools, which wasn’t required before COVID, drives this dramatic rise in demand for online IT services. The pandemic may have accelerated this way of doing business, but it is probable that many technology solutions won’t revert to pre-pandemic days but will continue to be critical to business operations into the future. Many employees will continue to seek remote work opportunities, so business owners and managers need to use this time to plan for employees to work remotely.

Moving forward, even if you are a small office, IT solutions create a preference for your business over your competitors and will require that you direct your budget toward IT services that can truly add value to your offering.

IT budgets may be down overall but instead of sweeping budget cuts, consider a structure for building or strengthening the new virtual work model. Dyrand Systems provides managed IT services in Vancouver for all sizes of businesses. We have the expertise and the experience. We are ready to focus this expertise to help you.