Two steps ahead: How managed services save your company money by being proactive

No one knows how disruptive IT outages and disruptions can be more than small- and medium-sized business owners. Conversely, no business is better equipped to prevent costly downtime than a managed services provider (MSP). Although some organizations believe in maintaining in-house technical staff, outsourced experts with incentives for preventing outages are actually far more equipped to save you money in the long run.

As a point of clarification, hiring a technology consultant on an as-needed basis is not the same as hiring an MSP. Break/fix providers may seem more cost-effective at first glance, but in reality they often turn out to be far more expensive as a product of their shortsightedness. While MSPs and break/fix contractors are both qualified IT professionals, one makes more money when you finish the month with zero support calls (MSP), whereas the other makes more money when you need them often (break/fix contractors). And when you look at it like that, you start to see why proactive is our favorite marketing buzzword.

Plan Ahead

Rather than waiting for disaster to strike, Dyrand Systems realizes that it’s in your best interest and ours to prepare for the worst. By remotely monitoring hardware and software performance 24/7, technicians can identify possible issues and resolve them before they get out of control. You pay the same flat-rate every month regardless of how much support you need, and successfully preventing large-scale outages means we have more time to spend honing our skills and you have more time to get work done.

Nearly four out of five outages are the result of self-inflicted actions, most of which are totally preventable with just a little employee education. On the one hand, choosing the wrong provider might result in an endless loop of “employee creates unintended outage, IT consultant slaps a Band-Aid, uneducated employee rips it off, repeat.” On the other hand, establishing a long-term relationship with us places a certain amount of accountability for your downtime on our bottom line as well.

Ride the Cutting-Edge

As your business grows and changes to stay on top of market trends, you’ll want to make sure your infrastructure keeps pace. Instead of trying to improve your equipment in a fragmented, one-piece-at-a-time fashion, an MSP is prepared to structure a holistic plan that guides you through years of upgrades. Through vendor partnerships and high-level technology certifications, Dyrand provides you with honest guidance on what systems fit your needs and budget now and in the future. Because one of the best ways to be proactive is to plan for hardware improvements before your technology starts falling apart at the circuits.

Safeguard Your Information

There are innumerable threats lurking in the dark corners of the internet, a marketplace almost no business can survive without. Whether by using viruses, spyware, corporate espionage or ransomware, tech-savvy hackers are always dreaming up new ways to upset your network. Should one of these cyber attacks succeed, the damages extend far beyond a temporary disruption of your operations. Your customers’ personal information could be stolen — subjecting you to crippling financial liability — or your reputation could be destroyed beyond repair.

Proactivity is usually better than reactivity, and that’s an idea best exemplified by cybersecurity. Would you rather employ an IT provider that stopped a data breach before it happened? Or one that was solely equipped to rehabilitate your business after an attack occurred? Our robust defensive framework provides industry-leading protection to shield your small business from harm. You won’t have to install, configure, or upgrade anything — one of our trained professionals can do it all in a timely, consistent manner.

On-demand scaling

Cloud computing is a pervasive force in modern business IT, and with good reason. Aside from making your technology accessible from anywhere with a healthy internet connection, cloud computing allows you to augment your IT footprint without complicated hardware installation or infrastructure upgrades. More than 80 percent of businesses that have migrated to the cloud have enjoyed cost savings.

While everything covered prior to this in today’s article was about preparing for the worst, cloud computing is about preparing for the best. Regardless of how much notice you get about new and exciting expansions, the cloud is always ready to accommodate them.

Start thinking proactively and partner with us today

But we’re not quite done yet. In addition to deploying complex IT solutions, keeping Dyrand Systems on your team sets up expectations for how employees interact with their technology. If staff have a problem, they contact our virtual helpdesk; if you need a new solution, we interface with potential vendors on your behalf; and when you need to shift your business model, we have the means to get you there. That’s a solution with the future in mind — that’s proactive technology consulting.

We’ve succeeded as a technology partner because we market our philosophy just as much as we market our solutions. Small- and medium-sized business owners want more than just 1s and 0s; they want to invest their money into the well-being of their organization. If you’re interested in hearing more about what working with us is like, or if you have questions about your network infrastructureget in touch with us today.