Why a reliable network structure is the key to business efficiency

A growing number of businesses are turning to digital solutions for efficient customer delivery. According to a recent report by IDC, Canadian companies are set to spend over $16 billion this 2018 on digital transformation technologies and services. That means for your business to keep up with the times, you need a consistent and organized network structure.

But what’s a network structure? A network structure is a group of hardware and software assets that enable connectivity, management, and communications in your business. This typically includes desktops, laptops, and other end-user devices, as well as firewalls, network routers, and other items that link everything together. While these devices once had limited abilities and required little maintenance, they’re now critical to business success.

The importance of a reliable network structure

Think of your network structure as the backbone of your daily operations. It’s important to have a systematic way of communicating with your customers, and this will largely depend on your network structure. Like a human backbone, without it, every part of the body will fall apart and suffer.

From client acquisition and retention to keeping important records and tracking revenue, every part of your business depends on reliable and secure internet and local-area connections. Here are some things to keep in mind:

First, making use of expertly designed and installed networks streamline processes and reduce customer wait times, thus improving office efficiency and your organization’s reputation. This not only retains old customers, but it will also attract new ones who are ready to do business with you.

Secondly, a network operating at peak performance gives you insight into areas for improvement. For example, you may find that spam emails are costing you thousands of dollars in lost productivity, or Office 365 files are taking too long to load as a result of employees streaming too many videos.

Lastly, as people spend larger portions of their day in front of a computer screen, a reliable network will be essential for effective team collaboration, digital marketing, and inventory management.

The costs of having an unreliable network structure

When it comes to your business, it’s important to remember to have a dependable system that can handle all the work you have to do.

An unstable network structure can immediately impact your operations. For example, if your internet connection is slow or down to the point that work isn’t getting done, you’ll be spending on unproductive employees while customers wait for service. Inventory could be affected as well, which might include bookkeeping and other aspects of your work along the way.

Your Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system might become affected as well. This part of your business is essential when it comes to customer service. As a result, clients won’t be able to reach your company for support whenever they need, and this will lead to even more negative feedback about your products and services.

Network reliability and cybersecurity

Furthermore, an unreliable network opens up your business to data breaches and attacks. As cybercriminals craft more complex malware and scams, the chances that critical company data can be hacked and stolen are very high.

According to a recent survey by Statistics Canada, more than one in five Canadian companies were hit by a cyberattack in the past year, yet only 10% of those affected reported it to law enforcement agencies. However, that’s a direct violation of Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) as of the November 2018 update, which requires businesses to publicly disclose data breaches to their clients should their personal information be involved.

Using a reliable network structure assures efficiency within your business. It’s a worthy investment that will give back a thousandfold when your profits start coming in.

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