SCRAP-IT Society

SCRAP-IT Society

IT Solutions for Non-Profit Organizations

SCRAP-IT (formerly BC Scrap-IT) is a voluntary, early vehicle retirement program that provides incentives to British Columbians who choose to replace higher polluting vehicles with cleaner forms of transportation. When the program started in 2008, a new IT infrastructure was put in place. However, as the program rapidly grew and more and more British Columbians began retiring their old cars as a result, it became evident that certain changes were going to be required.

The Challenge

Building a completely redundant system wasn’t a project that SCRAP-IT was prepared to take on. Spending the time, resources and money to build the infrastructure required was simply not something management had an appetite for.

The IT Solution

Having worked with our team for two years at that point, SCRAP-IT turned to us for some practical advice. Since Dyrand Systems knew their business model and understood their requirements, we could see that the solution was already available through a combination of hosting and onsite systems.

The solution would see certain system components hosted in Dyrand Systems’ highly redundant, highly available data centre, while other components would be hosted on-premise. A complete Disaster Recovery solution would also be implemented that would allow all systems to be recoverable should there ever be a major problem at either location.

The Results

The result proved to be exactly what SCRAP-IT required. Their systems have been stable and running efficiently since the migration, and there are no longer any worries about how the company will run in the event of a disaster. The team at SCRAP-IT can now focus their time and energy on continuing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower exhaust pollutants across the province. Dyrand Systems is very proud to be making a contribution to such an important cause.

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