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Concerto Marketing is the first and only firm in North America to deliver research, strategy, and brand communication services together under one roof, with one outcome in mind – market certainty. Providing research, strategy, and brand services for the past 30 years to leading organizations all over North America, Concerto had already gone through many IT refresh projects and was ready to explore an alternative way of doing IT.

The Challenge

With a need for refreshed hardware and software, as well as a requirement for a more robust backup and disaster recovery solution, Concerto was concerned about incurring potentially significant costs. In addition, due to its business growth Concerto needed a more redundant infrastructure to help them avoid costly downtimes. Email communications with partners and clients had become critical, and having those reside on a single in-house server was no longer a viable option for the company.

The IT Solution

Having worked with Concerto for the past eight years, Dyrand Systems understood Concerto’s business and IT requirements intimately – so we were well-equipped to provide a top-notch solution. Dyrand Systems would provide Concerto with the required redundancy and highly available systems they needed, and Concerto would never again have to worry about IT refresh projects!

In the end, Dyrand Systems designed a solution that hosted some of Concerto’s data and applications in our Kelowna datacentre, while housing some of their more robust applications on-premise. This allowed for daily replication and ensured delivery of the uptime and redundancy Concerto needed.

Dyrand Systems would provide all the hosting and the necessary hardware and software that would be on-premise, allowing Concerto to never again be faced with the daunting task of an IT refresh. This responsibility would be now borne by Dyrand Systems, allowing Concerto to focus on its partners and clients.

The Results

The solution turned out to be just what Concerto needed. They no longer suffered the downtime that comes with having single points of failure, and the owners could now rest easy knowing that all their data resided in two physical locations – and that their disaster and data recovery worries were now a thing of the past! In addition, the strict security requirements at our datacentre have allowed Concerto to work with some very security-conscious companies and agencies that may not have been best-fit clients previously. It also meant that all IT budgeting was now accounted for, with the entire solution being provided by Dyrand Systems for a single monthly fee that included all required IT support for Concerto’s business and team.

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