Finance PRA Canada

Finance PRA Canada

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Company Profile

PRA Canada is a professional services firm that provides high-quality internal audit assurance, risk management, and business advisory solutions. PRA Canada’s comprehensive services, industry expertise, and strategic leadership have built trust with clients for over 35 years. Today, financial institutions, government agencies, and crown corporations choose PRA Canada as their trusted service provider – all relying on PRA Canada’s exceptional service and expertise. PRA Canada is Canada’s largest independent provider of outsourced and co-sourced internal audit and risk management services.

The Challenge

PRA Canada originally hired Dyrand Systems to manage the servers in one of their two off-site data centres. But over a period of two to three years, Dyrand Systems witnessed PRA Canada’s frustration in having their data and applications located at multiple sites, as well as their struggles with typical datacenter issues and hardware failures. Compounding this was the fact that PRA Canada’s computers were manually managed — not only creating a large volume of work for the company’s internal IT person, but also a risky scenario given the inherent inconsistencies in this kind of set up.

The IT Solution

Dyrand Systems has now guided PRA Canada through several migration projects, eliminating their servers and increasing their overall security and efficiency.

In 2018, Dyrand Systems implemented a solution to rid PRA Canada of the hassles of multiple-site data centres by moving all their servers to Microsoft’s Azure platform and employing Intune to manage all workstations and mobile devices. A prudent addition for all companies, but essential for one serving financial institutions, Intune ensures all PRA’s security policies are strictly enforced.

In 2019, Dyrand Systems moved PRA Canada to OneDrive/SharePoint online, providing another layer of security, complete redundancy, and increased collaboration and efficiency.

The Results

Dyrand Systems’ IT solution has provided PRA Canada with the peace of mind to focus on their business, not their technology. Their systems now have complete redundancy with a backup and disaster recovery solution that ensures everything can be back up and running in four hours, even in the event of a full data center failure.

PRA Canada’s business is managing risk. Accordingly, they now have a system that enforces all their security requirements from the backend: all policies are pushed out from this system, with PRA Canada employees unable to change those settings. It’s a solution that is risk-aware, yet pragmatic. A perfect fit for PRA Canada.

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