Herrero Builders

Company Profile
San Francisco-based Herrero Builders is a commercial general contractor in operation since 1955. Their work spans new construction, seismic upgrades, and tenant improvements in a range of markets including healthcare, education, commercial, retail, historic, and hospitality. Herrero is a leader in Integrated Project Delivery and Lean Construction, and has a reputation for integrity, innovation, and service amongst its Bay Area clients.
The Challenge
In early 2013, Herrero began to realize they needed to have a more formal structure around their IT systems and support. Their in-house infrastructure was end-of-life and beginning to cause issues, and their support system was lacking any real planning or strategy on how to move the company’s IT forward. Their CFO was also concerned that all their infrastructure was in-house and—in a geographic zone known for earthquakes—next to a very busy overpass.
The Solution
Initially, Dyrand assisted Herrero in determining the best way forward; but ultimately, Herrero made the decision to put Dyrand at the helm. The first step was for Dyrand to perform a full assessment to get a clear picture of what systems were in place and the business requirements around those systems. Next, the task was to devise a game plan to match the systems to those requirements.

Once the requirements and plans came together, Dyrand’s project team began implementing a hybrid solution of new onsite hardware and software, moved some data to the cloud, and finally, ensured that all data that continued to reside onsite was also replicated in real time to the cloud.
The Results
Dyrand’s solution provided the CFO and owners with the peace of mind that should anything ever happen to their head office, all data is readily available in the cloud. It also provided better flexibility for remote access: since all data is replicated in real time, all users can remotely log into the cloud environment and access the same data they had worked with at their head office.

Seven years later, Dyrand is still managing Herrero’s infrastructure with little to no downtime, and collaborating on projects to more effectively administer their IT. Currently, Dyrand is working with Herrero’s internal IT team to streamline endpoint security and deployment—not only to ease the burden of deployment, but to also ensure the same standards are consistently applied for all Herrero computers.

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