Martin Henry

Martin Henry

Expert IT Solutions for Accounting Professionals

Martin Henry is a full-service Accounting firm that adopts a holistic big-picture view of small and medium-sized businesses’ financial landscape to make sure they realize their business goals. Their dedicated team handles everything from strategic tax and succession planning to operational, financial management.

The Challenge

Martin Henry’s on-premise infrastructure was at the end of its lifecycle, which also required operating system upgrades with the looming end of life server products. Additionally, a hardware failure caused a significant outage that caused the partners to think that maybe there was a better way of running their core systems.

The IT Solution

After several meetings with the Dyrand Systems team and once a complete analysis was done, the decision was made to remove all the on-premise servers and have them all hosted on the Microsoft platform. Given the nature of Martin Henry’s business, there was a tight timeline of 6 weeks to get all of the systems migrated before their next busy season started. While this was a challenge given the magnitude of the migration, Dyrand Systems was able to get it done in the timeframe required. While there were some bumps in the road to get there, Dyrand Systems planned and deployed as many technicians as possible to help smooth out the transition.
This provided a very robust environment with complete redundancy built into their systems which also ensured that downtime would be minimal. Dyrand Systems also implemented a proper backup and disaster recovery solution that allows for guaranteed 4-hour restoration of all IT services should there be a catastrophic failure at the datacenter.

The requirement of any server hardware at their Vancouver office was eliminated, which also means remote access to their systems is also much more robust. But at the same time, security systems were put into place to ensure their data is more secure than it could be when residing in any of the hardware installed within an office space.

Dyrand Systems’ advanced management and monitoring systems were also implemented to ensure all systems were operating at peak efficiency and that problems could be found and resolved as quickly as possible. The solution also included the implementation of Dyrand Systems’ new client portal, which gives all of its client’s full insight into what is going on inside their organization from the IT perspective.

The Results

The IT solution is precisely what Martin Henry needed. The peace of mind knowing the scale of redundancy, disaster recovery implementation, and the security systems in place exceed what can be achieved with any on-premise solution. The partners can also rest easy knowing that’s there’s a team overlooking all of their systems 24X7 so that they can focus on their core business and enjoy their downtime. The other benefit of the hosted solutions is that they now have the flexibility to grow their business without having to worry about scaling up their infrastructure, which can be accomplished with ease inside the datacenters.

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