Cost cutting? Here are some alternatives to hiring more IT staff

Like any other business, there will be days when yours isn’t earning enough revenue to keep it running smoothly. This may be due to a variety of reasons such as fluctuations in the business cycle.

That being said, enterprises often turn to cost-cutting in order to reduce expenses and improve profitability. A Montreal-based envelope giant, Supremex, was even reported to have cut 8% of its workforce in a cost-reduction measure that would allow it diversify its business and include more packaging products.

When it comes to your IT staff, however, cost-cutting can become very tricky, as your enterprise should be highly reliant on a well-maintained and efficient network. Cutting corners on IT might end up costing you even more than what you expected as disasters can be unpredictable.

Hiring people to do the job will always be one of the obvious options, but what do you do if your budget won’t allow for paying another employee regularly? Here are some options to consider:

Retrain your IT staff

The only thing constant in life is change. In the business world, that means adapting to rapid technological advancements and business developments as quickly as possible. Retraining programs not only help your employees maintain and develop skills that help your enterprise move forward, but it also saves on hiring new staff.

Let’s say that there is a new ransomware strain that is wreaking havoc on computers and servers around the world, and your company is at risk of being infected. By retraining your staff, you’re simply helping them improve the skills they already have, and keeping them updated with the latest trends.

Turn to the cloud

Cloud computing is growing in popularity, and small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are rapidly embracing the technology. Given this, you can automate your processes and eliminate the need for human intervention.

You can move your applications and infrastructure to the cloud. This is a scalable solution, as your workload will share server infrastructure with other organizations, allowing you to cut costs by paying for only what you use.

Furthermore, moving your data to a virtual server offers better protection from data loss caused by man-made and natural calamities, compared to using an on-site server. This also helps secure your backup and disaster recovery plans (BDRPs).

Partner with an MSP

Your current IT staff won’t always be able to handle all the issues that are going on with your IT infrastructure. No matter how knowledgeable they are, there will always be an aspect of IT that they won’t be able to handle. It’s important to remember that a jack-of-all-trades is a master of none. Moreover, while automation can save you time and money, there will be times when your system will fail, creating more problems than solutions in the first place.

That’s why it’s a good idea to outsource your IT infrastructure work to a managed IT services provider (MSP) such as Dyrand Systems. An MSP is a team of highly skilled individuals equipped with various certifications and licenses, managing everything in your IT department from a remote facility. From cloud computing to VoIP to setting up Office 365 and Windows, MSPs can tailor their services according to your liking.

MSPs can save you money as they will only require you to pay a small monthly fee, which is much more practical than paying your staff a regular salary. They can also co-exist with your current IT team, given that your IT infrastructure has a clear direction.

Another notable advantage of top-notch MSPs is their ability to monitor your infrastructure 24/7/365. As such, your MSP can instantly protect your systems before malware and hackers can infiltrate your systems.

Prevention will always be better than cure. By partnering with an MSP, you can always be assured that your IT needs are taken care of as you focus on more important aspects of your business.

Looking for worry-free IT? Dyrand Systems is your best bet for an efficient MSP that will proactively and efficiently handle your network infrastructures. From desktop, server, firewall, and mobile device management, we’re equipped with the right tools to keep your systems running as efficiently as possible. Get a free assessment today!