Solutions to Your Office Relocation Challenges

Companies in Vancouver have to relocate for a variety of reasons: downsizing, mergers, or a simple need for a bigger space. What makes an office move a success is when employees can immediately get back to work after all the servers, computers, and cubicles have been reinstalled.

In reality, getting right back to work in a new office — immediately, without interruptions — is rare. There can be issues with Internet connectivity, electrical wiring, network cabling, and a whole host of other technical issues. To ensure a smooth relocation the next time you move office, consider the following solutions.

Challenge: Lack of familiarity with the new office

This results in minor issues like difficulty locating electrical outlets and major issues like not knowing where there is a strong WiFi signal in your facility. And because there are so many factors to consider when moving to a new place, it’s easy to neglect to notify employees about such details.

Solution: Before you move, inspect the new site, compare it with your current site, and create a blueprint detailing where workstations, equipment, business facilities, and fixtures are located. Then, share the plans with your teams.

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Challenge: Losing track of inventory

The last thing you want is to spend an inordinate amount of time tracking down important IT equipment that was misplaced during the move.Not knowing where your Windows 10 reboot disks are, or where your server cables are, is guaranteed to result in some downtime.

Solution: Draft a comprehensive list of all your hardware and software items that indicates where everything is located during transport. You can use asset management software to track physical inventory so you and your staff don’t have to waste time looking for things when you set up your new network.

Challenge: Productivity takes a dip during relocation

Disruptions to operations are practically inevitable during relocation. Some employees might not be able to access data and applications or have difficulty connecting to the WiFi network because workstations haven’t been set up properly. These and other issues could impact their productivity and customer satisfaction. Good thing they’re largely avoidable.

Solution: Try to schedule the move at night or during the weekend. Make sure your employees are informed so they can manage their time wisely and work remotely while relocation is ongoing. You can also allow staff to connect in via VPN and use their own resources in the meantime until your office has fully set up its workstations. Better yet, make the most out of your cloud resources and have staff access programs and files online.

Challenge: Lack of communication

Managers may forget to inform employees of relocation schedules, employees might neglect to inform clients or vendors about them, and websites and social media channels might be neglected for a long period.

Solution: Assign an official point of contact who knows all the details about the relocation. They will make sure staff know whom to ask questions about the move. This will help reduce errors and delays due to a lack of communication. Consistent communication also keeps external stakeholders informed of your company’s status before, during, and after the move.

If your Vancouver company is considering relocation, you need more than just a moving truck van; you also need expert IT consultants who can advise you on how best to migrate your IT infrastructure into your new office. Dyrand’s IT engineers can help arrange a smooth move for your business — give us a call today!